Compare and contrast embedded sustainability to Porter’s Five Forces


Question 9                                                                                  15 pts

Compare and contrast embedded sustainability to Porter’s Five Forces Model, Blue Ocean Strategy and Leadership & Strategy. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy within your comparison.

Question 14                                                                           20 pts

Discuss the importance of evidence-based (e.g. fact-based) arguments and decisions. Why is the evidence-based methodology significant for the study of technology and information systems. (hint: you must make a strong argument)

Question 15                                                                               20 pts

Using a dialog format build a strong argument on the the importance of implementing one of the theoretical models we discussed using an evidence-based (e.g. fact-based) approach.

Your response should be detailed using a conversational writing style where the dialog takes place between you, and a couple of VPs, CIOs, CFOs and Presidents of corporate divisions. The topic will be a proposed technology idea or issue that overlaps one of the strategies we discussed, yet is not fully accepted by all levels of the organization. The CEO is concerned that all roles (previous question and identified in readings) should be considered before the organization moves in this direction.

An initial meeting took place, and the senior executives agreed to present their arguments on an internal Twitter-like board. Some of the executives see merit in your point, but others think you’re out of touch with how things really work. You were recently hired as a senior manager in support of the CTO and CSO.

Example (initial source: MIT Sloan Review (Links to an external site.)):
Corporate social responsibility initiatives run the risk of being seen as insincere. However, there are ways that companies can thoughtfully — and effectively — engage with the public about social issues.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., a quick-service restaurant chain based in Denver, Colorado, has never published a CSR report. The company has instead built its reputation for social responsibility on policies such as using antibiotic-free meat.

Initial interview one year ago:
Tina – Bloomberg Businessweek:
Why has your company never issued a CSR report?

Danny – Chipotle spokesman:
Our company would “rather invest in taking action than in talking about it.”

Recent follow-up interview:
Tina – Bloomberg Businessweek:
Dan, what you told me a year ago is not really true given the well-documented challenges that Chipotle has faced over the last several months. Shouldn’t Chipotle quantify the impact of those events in a CSR report so that the baseline is visible for all investors and consumers and the progress is transparent for all?

Danny – Chipotle spokesman:
Tina, our company, has struggled in recent times and it is important for us to put our employees and customers first. This is why we agreed to this interview and are seeking to build confidence through transparency.

Danny – Chipotle spokesman:
Let’s discuss the evidence.

Tina – Bloomberg Businessweek:
Okay, show me the facts, and if we agree, I’ll write about what your organization has accomplished.

Question 16                                                                              18 pts

Explain how social responsibility can be embedded within each component of Porter’s Five Forces Model (hint: you need to discuss each component).