Format for the “Hot Topic” Biochemistry Paper (50 pts)

  • Minimum 5 pages including 3-5 supporting scientific references. Suggested format for references:

Smith, L. and Jones, J. (2010) “Serine proteases and thrombosis”, Biochemistry Review 22, pp308-318.

  • The paper may include figures, pathways, molecules, and graphics as needed. Single-spaced and no larger than 12 or 13 sized fonts.
  • A good topic will easily fill the space! The manuscript will contain your observation/conclusions and well as molecular/cellular concepts. Send me your proposed topic(s) ASAP, and I’ll give feedback.
  • The paper is due on FRIDAY. Submit it as a PDF via the Assignment/HotTopic Paper Submission Button on the page.

Here are some potential topics, but only a start.

Protein folding

Commercial enzyme production

Active site design

Molecular evolution and synthesis of catalytic RNAs

Enzyme mechanisms and drug design

Photosynthetic-based electrical power

3-D rendering of macromolecules

X-ray crystallography, pick a target

Mitochondrial Genetics

Mitochondria, free radicals, and antioxidant mechanisms

Insulin Signaling,

Glucagon Signaling,

Anabolism, Catabolism, Thermodynamics

Glycogen metabolism,

Dietary lipids,

Essential fatty acids


Glutathione metabolism

Gluconeogenesis and Hormonal Control.

Find something that you are interested in!