COMM 1007 | College English Summary Assignment


COMM 1007 | College English

Summary Assignment, 10%


Based on the article “Tim Hortons: How a brand became part of our national identity” by Joe Friesen, in The Globe and Mail, please write a summary between 350-400 words in length. The summary should follow the structure, format, and style as outlined in lecture and class material.

Summaries should not include direct quotations (you are paraphrasing).

The summary should be submitted through the Writing Journal tab on Black Board.

Due Date: The summary is due at the beginning of class in Week 4.

Checklist: The summary

  • Is entirely in your own words
  • Follows the proper tone and structure of a summary
  • Provides the author’s name, article title, and year of publication
  • Identifies the thesis/main argument and supporting points
  • Provides enough information from the source material so the reader understands the concept of the article
  • Does not include your opinion
  • Includes a bibliography at the bottom in APA format
  • Has been revised at least once for grammar and mechanics