Coca Cola Company’s business model:


The post should be formatted with headings and should use single spacing below headings and double spacing between headings. Students are encouraged to use a bulleted format. All posts should be written in third person (as a reporter) rather than in first person (as a company employee).
Because the collection and interpretation of financial data is the key learning activity in this course, you may copy and paste information about the company directly from the source, assuming you adhere to the following:
Cite the complete/full URL immediately following the pasted information.
Edit your report prior to posting to ensure a uniform format, font and font size.
One of the objectives of the discussions in this course is to introduce you to a number of resources providing financial information for corporation. For each discussion, I will list the recommended resources you will use to find the required information.
Over the course of the session, you may make use of the following resources:
10-K Report
Company website
The Value Line Research Center: a database on the Stafford Library website
Standard and Poors NetAdvantage: a database on the Stafford Library website
The Yahoo! Finance website
The Morningstar website
The Reuters website

Topic: Name of Company and Ticker Symbol: Coca-Cola Co., KO

researching your selected company’s business model and focus on the key drivers of sales/revenues and operating income.