Class: HETH 4210 Chapter 1 Dropbox question – Summary of the Affordable Care Act Apr 25, 2013


Chapter 1 Dropbox question and instructions:
Your mother has a chronic healthcare condition which requires many visits to her healthcare provider. She is concerned that you just turned 25 years of age and will be graduating from college. As her child, you have been covered under her healthcare plan but she is afraid you will lose coverage. She recently changed jobs, which will require your family to move to a new state. She is also afraid that she will not receive healthcare insurance from her new company and is worried about finding a new provider to take care of her. She wonders if she does find health insurance, whether her children will be covered under her healthcare plan or not. Explain to her about the new healthcare reform bill and how that will impact her situation.

For your Dropbox Assignment:
Explain to her about the new healthcare reform bill and how all or some of the new regulations and changes will/may impact her and your situation. A minimum of 500 words is expected for this dropbox assignment utilizing Standard English protocol and the APA writing guide.

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