Title: Is .. really a problem to society? Analyse and discuss a perceived social problem.

For the final assignment in this module you are required to take one of the issues that we have learnt about over the module and write about it ways in which the issue may be understood in relation to the young people that is effects.
You might use only one model or more than one model. This will depend on the topic that you have picked.
Examples of topics are: School Exclusion and Truancy, Teenage Parenthood, Youth Crime, Sexuality etc.
You may use the following as a guide:

Outline the nature of the social problem that you are discussing and the populist view of the problem it causes to society. You might describe some of the common conceptions that society holds.

In this section you will look as a model that we might use to understand the phenomena. This might be a social model only, psychosocial model or psychological model (depending on the topic). In every instance you must include the social perspective. You will need to use the references that have been provided to you in the module guide in order to do this. You should use one or two more than this if possible.

Some things to consider:
If we examine the social problem that you have picked in this way what is at the heart of the issue? Is the child the problem or is the problem located in how the issue is constructed in society? Is it a combination of the two? Where do you think the problem lies and are there any potential resolutions available through practice or through changes to legislation? It might be that you dont think that there are and you just write a very critical piece.

This is simply a summary of your argument and your conclusion ( i .e your answer to the question posed. Please use Harvard referencing as always.