Chapter Review Questions on Diversity Discrimination


Write one complete and well developed answer per question. Your response should be at least one or two full paragraph for each question. Please write out each question as a header for your response so that it is clear what question you are answering.

Chapter Review Questions on Diversity Discrimination: Textbook – An introduction to Business Ethics by Joseph DesJardins.

  1. What reasons, other than intentional discrimination, might explain the inequality of wages, employment, and positions of status?
  1. Distinguish among equal opportunity, affirmative action, and preferential treatment.
  1. When might discrimination in the workplace be justified?  Might discrimination on the basis of gender or race ever be justified?
  1. How would you distinguish between gender harassment and sexual harassment?
  1. Should the severity of workplace harassment be determined solely from the point of view of the victim?  Is this fair to the accused harasser?
  1. Is there a difference between a reasonable woman and a reasonable man?