CEO Compensation in Private Sector Companies in North America


Compensation Project One


This is an individual research paper of no more than 5 pages double spaced, font size 12. Use either APA or MLA method of citations and references. The five pages does not include the cover page and the references page. You must cite at least five legitimate research sources.  One of these sources can be the course text. Another source can be the course notes. DO NOT use the website “Canadian writings”.


This project requires that you research CEO compensation in private sector companies in North America.  Private sector means firms whose shares are traded on a stock exchange.  They are “for profit” companies.


You must demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of a typical CEO pay mix, the problems that are often associated with CEO compensation and your recommendations for how to address these problems.  You must apply at least two psychological or economic theories to your analysis and explain how your recommendations address the problems that you have identified. Appropriate application of citation methodology accounts for 10% of the mark.