Cash and Cash Equivalents based on FASB Codification Database

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Part A

In 2 pages, prepare a summary of cash and cash equivalents based on the information found in the FASB Codification Database (HINT: paraphrase the information in your own words and keep direct quotes to a minimum). Be sure ti use proper APA in text citation and references.

Part B

In 2 Pages, compare and contrast information on cash and cash equivalents as found in at least three other RIA checkpoint databases (e.g. GAAP Practice manual, AICPA, Audit and Accounting Guides, Sarbanes-Oxly Report, Internal Auditing Manual, etc.). In this part of your paper, discuss the type/emphasis of the information presented in each database. Discuss your findings in your own words.

Part C

In 1 page, summarize your findings in your own words and indicate the benefits and/or issues with the search of your topic in different databases

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