Case Analysis – Orichian v. BMW of North America, LLC


Write a two and half pages case analysis for this law case:  Orichian v. BMW of North America, LLC 

The case analysis must include the title page (with name, Class section (i.e. Bus Law 241.002) and the following sections (please make sure they are labeled as such) :

  1. Case Citation-The name of the case and where it can be found
  2. Background of case– When and where the case took place- state, federal court plus the date of the case, criminal/civil.
  3. Issue: The question(s) the court was being asked to answer
  4. Procedure– History of the case, i.e.  How the case worked through the court system. i.e., what happened at the trial court, what happened at the appellate court etc. Do not include what happened at the court that you are currently analyzing as this is the decision.
  5. Facts – What actually happened to the parties involved.
  6. Decision of the case- What the court said that answered the question above in the issue
  7. Rationale of the court- The reason behind the court’s decision
  8. Opinion- as to whether the decision is correct or incorrect and why.