Bus 642 Week 2 Assignment


Chapter 2 #1 (1/1)
a What are the most prudent decisions she can make about her responsibilities to herself and others?

b. What are the implications of those decisions even if there is no violation of law or regulation?

Chapter 6 #1-5 (.5/.5)
1. Distinguish between the following:
a Exploratory and formal studies.

  1. Experimental and ex post facto research designs.
  2. Descriptive and causal studies.
  3. Establishing causality is difficult, whether conclusions have been derived inductively or deductively. Source? (1/1.5) Explain and elaborate!!!
  4. Explain and elaborate on the implications of this statement.
  5. Why is ascribing causality more difficult when conclusions have been reached through induction?

3 Using yourself as the subject, give an example of each of the following asymmetrical relationships: (.5/.5) a. Stimulus-response

  1. Property-disposition
  2. Disposition-behavior
  3. Property-behavior
  4. Why not use more control variables rather than depend on randomization as the means of controlling extraneous variables?
  5. In what ways are these two approaches similar?
  6. In what ways are they different?

Chapter 4 #7
How can MindWriter’s existing database of service complaints be used to accumulate service problem information in advance of the proposed research? What information should be sought?