Bus 520 Trader Joe’s Case Study


Trader Joe’s started out as a small convenient store in 1958. The owner, Trader Joe, decided to change the brand and make the store larger. The case study discusses how to address issues when emotions, job satisfaction, and attitudes of others are involved in decision making.

  • Examine the approach Trader Joes uses to promote a positive work environment for its employees. Determine in which three ways Trader Joes is able to increase job satisfaction and performance.
  • Determine How Trader Joe’s uses the management process (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) to develop employees.
  • Suggest two (2) ways that leaders can effectively manage relationships in general by using the four (4) EI competencies.
  • Recommend at least three (3) leadership practices that Trader Joe’s could implement in order to increase the competitive edge of the organization. Provide a rationale for your response.