BUS 325 Assignment 1: HRM in an MNE


BUS 325 Assignment 1

Assignment 1: HRM in an MNE
Global Human Resource Management (Bus 325)
1. Compare and contrast two (2) main differences between domestic and international HRM.

2. Examine two (2) of the factors that drive standardization of HRM practices. Determine whether or not it is advantageous for an MNE to adopt a worldwide corporate culture for each of its subsidiaries.

3. Examine the role of the subsidiary. Compare and contrast global innovators, the integrated player, implementers, and local innovators as subsidiaries. Determine the best role for a company that is just beginning to expand internationally. Provide a rationale for your response.

4. Analyze two (2) of the factors that drive the localization of HRM practices for an MNE. Determine two (2) advantages of the localization of HRM practices.

5. Determine the impact of the culture and institutional context (environment) on:

  • recruitment and selection
  • training and development
  • compensation
  • task distribution