Budget Report Assignment


Starting Month, date you will be tracking your income and expenses with an online financial organizer provided by ClearCheckbook. You will be entering your expenses in the following default categories in ClearCheckbook:

1. ClearCheckbook Spending Patterns and Graphs

Over the past few months you have been entering data into www.clearcheckbook.com
i. By looking at representations of your spending over the past 3 months, comment on your general spending pattern. Do you see room for improvement and in which areas? Justify your answer and provide a pie chart for each month.

ii. Look at your expenses over the pastthree months.Are your income sources sufficient to manage your expenses?

2. Individual versus Class Spending

Include ClearCheckbook line graphs that compare your spending to the class average. Briefly discuss the pattern you have observed for each spending category and overall.

3. Budget for Projected month: December

Create a budget for next month and describe it in great detail.
i. Create a calendar and bar graph for Decemberof your projected budget, planning when you will spend each of the five categories. (Housing, groceries, general merchandise, gas, & restaurants/bars ).

ii. Name your budget amount per week; explain why you chose this number and how you will manage this on a week-by-week basis.

iii. Describe two specific action plans you are going to initiate immediately in order to stay within your budget.