Book Report: The Benevolent Dictator


Book Report Instructions

Create a 2 page (single spaced; handed in hard copy in class) book report in which you provide the following:

Name of book


Publication date

ISBN Number

Executive summary (1-2 paragraphs in which you describe the THEME of the book)

Your top 5 learning Points (numbered list of 5 items that you feel were the most valuable learning points for you. Describe a) what is the learning point, b) how the author made her/his point, c) why this point is valuable to you, and d) how you may behave differently as a result of knowing this point.

Your top 2 surprises (these should NOT be the same as the learning points included above). What are these surprises? Why did you select them? How may you behave differently as a result of knowing them?

Comparison of this book to relevant information provided in the Roth book. DO both authors agree? Disagree? What do you think about this? Why?

Your recommendation of this book t other business school students. Why?

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