Bivariate Analysis Questions


Bivariate Analysis  (FIRST HALF PAGE)

Please give examples of variables that can be analyzed and hypotheses that can be tested using T-tests, Chi-Square, and correlation analysis.

Be sure to define the variables, their levels of measurement and the appropriate statistical test.

Example: T-test: difference between mean cholesterol levels of obese and non-obese individuals. Cholesterol level is a continuous variable, and obesity is a dichotomous variable (obesity yes/no).

Chi Square: Is there a relationship between oral contraceptive use and infertility? Both variables are dichotomous: oral contraceptive use yes/no, infertility yes/no.

Correlation: Is fiber intake inversely related to fat intake? Both fat intake and fiber intake are continuous and are expressed in grams.
Reflections  (SECOND HALF PAGE 1/2)

Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two concepts that you believe will be most applicable to the professional discipline you will enter upon completion of your degree program.(Health Science public health concentration)