Banks’ risk management: a comparison study of UAE national and foreign banks

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Banks’ risk management: a comparison study of UAE national and foreign banks

You should read article and analyze it abd provide a critical comments You should address ONE of the following: 1- By reporting the type of analysis the writer performs and assessing how this type of analysis supports the writer’s reasoning and claims; 2- By examining whether the writer’s analysis adequately supports the writer’s findings; 3-By suggesting new information, methods of analysis, or theoretical approaches that might make a contribution to the writer’s reasoning; 4-By pointing out conclusions or causes or effects of the writer’s reasoning that he or she has not addressed or anticipated; 5-By examining the article for signs of coherent connections between ideas and, if appropriate, by showing how the lack of connections between ideas leaves the writer’s conclusions or findings unsupported; 6-By suggesting how to shore up the writer’s claims with further study, information, data or analysis; 7-By discussing what remains to be examined on the topic; 8-By extending the writer’s attempts to make coherent connections between ideas with your own reasoning; 9-By showing your agreement with the writer’s lines of reasoning and claims and explaining why they are a good fit with your own knowledge and experience; 10-By supporting aspects of the writer’s claims and analysis and withdrawing your support in relation to other ideas, revealing how, in places, the writer does not offer convincing proof or analysis of claims or findings; 11-By considering interpretations of data and information the writer has not by imagining alternative claims, positions, and theories in relation to findings; 12-By bringing new analytical terms to an analysis of the topic that the writer has not considered; OR 13-By suggesting new processes of reasoning or methodology by which the writer might arrive at new, productive conclusions or thinking. the critical comments should be one or two paragraphs long

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