Baby Prestige Business Proposal


Baby Prestige Business Proposal

ECO 561 Week 6 Final Proposal –

Individual Assignment – Final Proposal

Resource: Business Proposal and Peer Review feedback.

Revise your Week Four business proposal using the feedback provided by your peers and facilitator as necessary. In addition to your week four paper, the second part of your paper will use the revised information to recommend appropriate pricing and non pricing strategies for your new or existing good or service based on the projected economy’s stage in the business cycle and the prevailing projected economic conditions for one or more macroeconomic factors. Explain the

evidence that supports these recommendations.

Required Elements:

• Describe the current global economic conditions and their effect on local macroeconomic indicators for your good or service.

• Describe the local economy’s stage in the business cycle.

• Describe how current credit market conditions affect your planning or

operating decision for your good or service.

• No more than 2100 words (in addition to the 1400 word paper completed in week four, an additional three pages at most is needed)

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