B123 Quiz and Answers


Question 1: (25 marks) (word count: 500 words)


Imagine you are starting a new company in any business field, construct a vision and mission statement and apply a STEEP analysis of the new company.


Question 2: (25 marks) (word count: 500 words)

In the process of understanding customer behavior, give real examples of “Dimensions of decision making” (10 marks). Also, apply the SMART framework to any business objective of your choice (15 marks).

Question 3: (25 marks) (word count: 300 words)

  • A company is producing a product for selling price of $1000, while incurs the following costs:

Rent: $300, material delivery cost $150, raw material $250, loan interest expense 600, insurance $900, salaries $1200, manufacturing electricity $200, advertising 3000

Calculate the break-even in unites. Show your calculations. (13 marks)


  • Choose a product or service and identify Features of the three levels: Core product / service, Actual product / service and Augmented product / service (12 marks)



Question 4: (25 marks) (word count: 500 words)

Choose a company and describe their recruitment, selection and interview process. (15 marks)

Also, explain how the chosen company monitor and evaluate process and staff. (10 marks)


                                                                                                                                                                  End of Assessment