Assignment 1: Read chapters One through three of your textbook


1) Read chapters One through three of your textbook

2) Compare and contrast the Existentialism and Contractarianism framework

3) Compare and contrast Teleological, Deontological, and Mixed Frameworks

4) Compare and contract the guiding principles of the Global Business Standards Codex and the Mixed Framework principles.

5) What are the four types of unintentional unethical behavior?

6) Briefly compare and contrast moral, immoral, and amoral managers.

7) Define Corporate Social Responsibility

8) Define the concept of stakeholder as it applies to business ethics Stakeholders are defined as any group that has a vested interest in the operations of the firm.

9) Read case #7 on pages 265-283 of the textbook and answer questions 1, 2, and 3 on page 283

  • What are “cookie jar” reserves? Explain Enron’s use of this concept.
  • Identify as many stakeholders as you can in this case. For each, explain how they were affected by the events surrounding the demise of Enron.
  • Summarize the main points of this case in one succinct paragraph.