Artifact Analysis of Cosplay’s Blue Crystal Staff


English 104: Composition Research

I. Objectives:

This assignment shall enable you to:

  1. Bullet Select an artifact that enhances your understanding of the subculture

  2. Bullet Gain an insight into the symbolic world of the people being studied

  3. Bullet Learn how to read and interpret cultural artifacts

II. Description

In about a page and half, describe and interpret an artifact and/or certain aspect of your fieldsite. Take fieldnotes while you study your artifact and site. Describe the details of the object. Sketch, map, or photograph it. Research its history. Interview those who have made or used the object. Then interpret and analyze your artifact by considering the following questions:

  1. Bullet Why did you choose the artifact?

  2. Bullet How are you positioned to “read” the artifact?

  3. Bullet What clues does the artifact offer regarding traditions, rituals, values, rules, and behaviors in your subculture?

  4. Bullet What does it say about the person who uses it?

Include a photograph or sketch of the artifact in your paper.

Required Format

Use APA style

1 and ½ space

Title your paper

Include a reference page

Use Times New Roman 12

Leave 1″ margins

III. Evaluation Criteria

Your paper should:

  1. Bullet State and develop a coherent thesis

  2. Bullet Describe and interpret an artifact/site

  3. Bullet Triangulate data and incorporate appropriate sources

  4. Bullet Identify your positionality as fieldworker

  5. Bullet Use organizational techniques such as analytic section headings

  6. Bullet Be clear, engaging, and error-free