Art Photograph


Art 7 1

Create a photograph that encourages your viewer to view an ordinary object in a new way.  Your viewer will be drawn into the object and notice fine details that may have gone unnoticed in an ordinary situation.  Choose an object that you use, see, or interact with on a daily basis.  Focus on a small part of the overall object.  Zoom in as close as your camera will permit and take many pictures.  Consider different lighting sources and try photographing from a variety of angles to add to the mystery of your photograph.   In a 250+ word essay describe your final composition.  Discuss the choices that you made and evaluate the photograph.   Submit the completed assignment here and also post it in the Final Padlet Portfolio. Guidelines  Essay assignments should conform to MLA format and cite the associated reading/resource.  Use a 12-point font. Use double spacing, so there is room for me to write comments. Include your last name in the filename (example: Unit-1 AS1 Smith.)  It should be a Word (.doc or .docx) format file. To view guidelines on photographing assignments, see Guidelines for Photographing Assignments.