Analysis of Accounting events


Analyze the events listed below by indicating the accounts and amounts involved in the table below. In the column labeled “+/-“, select the sign that describes how the category is affected. If the event should not to be recorded as a transaction, leave it blank.
A. Borrowed $760,000 cash, signing a promissory note.
B. Bought a factory for $920,000, paying $230,000 in cash and signing a promissory note for $690,000.
C. Rented equipment and issued a check for 6 months at $16,000 a month.
D. Provided $135,000 of services and billed customers.
E. Purchased $42,000 of supplies on account.
F. Received a utility bill for the current period in the amount of $2,400.
G. Raised sales prices on 200 units from $420 per unit to $500 per unit.
H. Received a 50% deposit from a customer on a $32,000 order to be filled next month.