Advice to Zara for the Damage to Walter’s Furniture


Zara placed an advertisement in the local newspaper: “Four ‘Burmese’ kittensfor sale. £300 each, lovely pets.” Xavier went to see the kittens and askedZara to reserve the smallest one for him and said that he would return in threeweeks to collect the kitten. Later that day, Zara told her husband that Xavierwas to have the smallest kitten in the litter. Xavier never returned.Vic telephoned Zara about the kittens. After enquiring about the breed, hesaid, ‘I’ll think about it’.

The next day, Vic wrote Zara, ‘I’ve decided that I’llhave the oldest one from the litter.’ Before the letter was delivered, Vic sentan email to Zara stating that he was not interested after all. Because of aproblem with Zara’s server, she did not receive the email until after the letterhad arrived.Yvonne sent an email to Zara stating ‘£300 is very expensive for a youngBurmese. Will you accept £200?’ When Zara replied by email that she wouldnot, Yvonne posted a letter which read ‘I accept your offer to sell a Burmesekitten at £300.’Walter paid Zara £300 and took one of the kittens.

Two weeks later he complained to Zara that the kitten was in the habit of chewing the furniture. Zara said ’Never mind, he will grow out of it.’ When Walter took the kitten to the vet to see if the habit could be broken, the vet informed him that the kitten was not a purebred Burmese but a much less valuable cross-breed. Walter demands the return of his money from Zara and compensation for the damage to his furniture.

Advise Zara.