ACCT 344 Assignment 6-1: Week Six Discussion Issues


ACCT 344 – H1WW

Assignment 6-1: Week Six Discussion Issues

a. In your review of chapter sixteen, list and discuss the tactics the U.S. government used in its “shock and awe strategy. Explain which tactics you found to be most effective and why.

b. Discuss how Computer Associates lessened the impact of its fraudulent activity.

c. Discuss the following five items in dealing with the decision of whether or not to prosecute a fraudster.

  • Capture
  • Cooperation
  • Cost
  • Patience
  • Business Decision

d. In chapter seventeen, discuss the key points or items of interest you took away from the interview with Joseph T. Wells.

e. In chapter seventeen, discuss, in your own words, what is meant by a change in the cultural mindset of fraud prevention.

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