A Way to Be a Better Writer


ENG110-492 FA15 Writing 1-NON NATIVE: A Way to Be a Better Writer

Part I

Argument Analysis

The argument analysis that you write for this class will consist of a break-down of your arguments using the “claim – reason – foundation” method of analysis.

  1. You should note the main claim plus all sub-claims.
  2. For each of these, you should note the reasons attached to the claims.
  3. You should write a paragraph discussing the underlying foundation for the claims and reasons.
  4. Finally, you should briefly discuss the quality of the evidence that has been used (evidence, usually, is attached to reasons).

Your argument analysis, then, should consist of one longish paragraph on foundations, one shortish paragraph on evidence, and some kind of diagram of the structure of the assertion.

Part II

Rhetorical Analysis

For your rhetorical analysis you will be looking at the interplay between the writer (you), the text (your Researched Argument), and your audience.  This section of Project 5 should discuss your text in light of being a persuasive piece of writing…written for an audience.  The following questions should help you think about the kinds of information to include.

  1. What is your main argument?
    1. Why should someone be persuaded by your argument?
    2. What strategies did you use to make your argument persuasive? Logic?  Passion?  Great evidence?  Other things?  Combination of things?
    3. Do you think the evidence you used was persuasive? Why?  Why not?
    4. Do you think, over all, that someone would be persuaded by what you’ve written? Why?  Why not?
  2. Who is the main audience for your argument?
  3. How does your audience perceive the topic?
    1. Is your topic widely known and discussed?
    2. Do people have strong feelings about your topic?
    3. Does it apply to most, many, or few people?
    4. What do members of your audience lose if they are persuaded by your argument?