A and B Attracting and retaining top medical talent



Physician demand is expected to continue and will be at a shortfall of 47,000 by 2032. In the scenario Dana and Kimberly are working on, the medical system in a particular region of a state has traditionally only recruited physicians with MD (Medical Doctor) degrees and have not recruited DO (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine) degrees or physicians that have graduated from Caribbean medical schools. The medical system is currently over 29% short of physicians across all specialties represented in the system.

The shortages of physicians in the medical system have gone critical, and the system has been contracting services, which is costing the system almost twice as much as it would to have full-time employees. Should the medical system continue this practice or broaden its hiring practices to include doctors from non-allopathic medical schools as well as those in the Caribbean?

Apply material from the assigned readings to help Dana and Kimberly create a framework strategy for:

* Medical Recruiting: Cost-effectiveness of attracting and retaining top medical talent.


Alley explained how to best tailor the employee experience to employees of different generations. Interestingly, all three major employee populations have different sets of expectations and place their priorities in different areas. While boomers respond superbly well to engaged supervisors, millennials have more complicated relationships with authority and hierarchy.  Some of them have a more expensive set of professional expectations. Learners will work to understand the generational differences among baby-boomers, generation X’ers, and millennials. As you learn about the employee experience, post a response to one of the specific areas below:

* What can HR pros do to retain millennials in the organization?

* What support can HR pros seek from other staff to create an employee experience that will positively influence millennial retention?

* How can information technology support a framework for an enhanced employee experience?

* What can we do to ensure other generations in the company also have a positive employee experience leading to retention?