1. You are a buyer for Brookdale Farms


Each question is 10 pts.
1. You are a buyer for Brookdale Farms, responsible for negotiating all the farm’s supplies and purchases. You are also an avid baseball fan. Brookdale Farms has a strict “no gift” policy.
One of your suppliers, Lincroft Feed and Stationary, offered you two front row seats behind home plate to the Yankees/Red Sox Eastern Division playoff game. The tickets also include limo service to and from the game. The sales person from Lincroft Feed and Stationary is a lifelong friend of yours. She offered the ticket to you during a business lunch.
Describe the Factors Affecting Ethical Behavior in this situation and what you should do, and explain whether you should take the tickets or not.

2. You are responsible for writing a Marketing Plan for Brookdale Farms. You need to explain to upper management the need for a Marketing Plan since they never had one before. Define what a Marketing Plan is, and list and describe the elements of the plan. Write a convincing argument for the Marketing Plan and why they need one.

Bonus Question (5 pts. – don’t leave this blank)
List the elements of the Marketing Mix and how they are used by marketers in developing a marketing strategy.