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9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining University

9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining University

Hey, you incredible achiever! You’ve conquered the ups and downs of secondary school and scored the grades to make it into your dream university. We’re buzzing for you!

We can imagine the whirlwind of emotions you’re experiencing right now. From envisioning yourself strutting through the campus, making friends, to that glorious moment when you rock that cap and gown at your graduation—it’s all within reach!

But hold your horses for a moment, let’s take a step back and focus on the present. There’s a lot to consider once you’ve chosen your university and your student accommodation. The first few months of university life can be a bit bewildering, but don’t fret, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

We’re your go-to experts in all things university (because, well, we’re a student accommodation company!). So, we’ve compiled a list of five things that students generally wish they knew before embarking on their university journey. Trust us, this knowledge will be like a secret weapon in your arsenal.

Independent Living: The Reality Check

Remember when you daydreamed about the freedom of living away from your parents’ watchful eyes? Well, brace yourself, because independence comes with responsibilities. Say goodbye to having your laundry done, meals prepared, and lunch packed. You’re in charge now, my friend!

In fact, you might find yourself missing the cozy comforts of home when you’re knee-deep in dirty laundry. But fear not, we’ve got a solution. Why not start by learning a few basic recipes and mastering some household chores? Or at least figure out how to whip up a simple meal and operate a washing machine. Trust us, these skills will come in handy, and you’ll be the master of your own domain.

Money Matters: Don’t Be a Loan Ranger

Ah, money—the eternal struggle. Learning how to handle your finances will not only impact your student life but also your future adulting adventures after graduation. As a student starting university, you’re now responsible for managing your own bank account and, more importantly, your student loan.

But hold your horses! We’re not suggesting you blow your entire loan in the first week (as tempting as it sounds). Budget wisely and save for when you truly need it. Remember, you have to cover your accommodation, food, laundry, and those unforgettable nights out.

Think about it, do you really want to cancel a night out because you splurged on that designer bag? We didn’t think so. Some students find it helpful to have a part-time job alongside their studies, and it’s a great way to make some extra cash and meet new pals. Just don’t go all-in with a full-time job or you might find yourself juggling too much.

Flatmates: The Good, the Bad, and the Messy

If you’re living in shared student accommodation, brace yourself—there will be times when you won’t exactly click with everyone. And that’s okay! You’ll get along with most of your flatmates, but there might be one or two who get on your nerves.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to please everyone you live with. Trust us, it’s not worth it. Your new friends are just as excited as you are to dive into the student life. So buckle up for the adventure, whether it’s dealing with a messy flatmate who can’t do the dishes or a party animal who rocks the late-night dance floor.

Textbook Troubles: No Need to Break the Bank

Picture this: you’re faced with a daunting list of textbooks, some costing hundreds of pounds. But fear not, there are ways to get your hands on the essential reading material without breaking the bank.

First off, your university library is your best friend. You can borrow books for the duration you need them, and just make sure to return them on time, or the library staff might give you a friendly nudge. Additionally, your university might provide online access to a vast collection of e-books and resources.

Believe us when we say this will save you loads of cash, leaving you with more moolah for that epic night out. If you do need to buy a textbook, check out sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace for second-hand options. Your wallet will thank you!

Deadline Dilemmas: Procrastination Is Not Your Friend

Now, we’re not here to tell you how to handle your deadlines, but let’s just say leaving everything until the night before is not a recipe for success. Trust us, you’ll end up with a messed-up sleep schedule and subpar work.

Instead, try tackling your assignments in small chunks, well in advance. It’ll make your life so much easier and enjoyable. Plus, you’ll have time to perfect your work and avoid those dreaded all-nighters.

First Year Fun: It Matters More Than You Think

Sure, your first-year grades might not count toward your final degree classification, but that doesn’t mean they’re insignificant. Building a solid foundation in your first year sets the stage for success in the years to come.

Don’t be that student who says, “Oh, I wish I knew that!” or “Nobody told me it would help!” We’re telling you right now, getting good grades from the start will make second and third year a breeze. So, buckle down and study hard—you’ve got this!

Homesickness Happens: Reach Out

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of your studies and activities, but don’t forget about your family and closest friends. They’re your support system, and they’ll be there for you when you feel homesick or overwhelmed.

A simple call, a quick FaceTime session, or a thoughtful message can work wonders. And guess what? It’ll also ease your family’s worries, knowing you’re doing well. Remember, you’re not alone in feeling homesick—many other students are in the same boat. Acknowledge your feelings and reach out for help if needed. You got this!

Freshers Week: Party and Pace Yourself

Ah, freshers week—the ultimate temptation to go all-out and make a lasting impression on your new friends. But here’s a little secret: pacing yourself is the key to survival.

Don’t try to impress everyone on the first night, or you’ll end up nursing a killer hangover. Take it easy and remember, you also have induction week activities to attend. Balancing both is essential.

And hey, don’t blow your entire budget during this week. There will be loads of events and temptations, but managing your time and finances wisely is the way to go.

Think Ahead: Societies and City Exploration

It’s never too early to start thinking about the exciting opportunities that await you at university. Research different societies and clubs you might want to join. Your student union website will be a goldmine of information.

But it’s not just about on-campus activities. Take the time to explore your new city as a student. Find out about local activities