Woodrow Wilson’s US entered World War I “to make the world safe for democracy”


Upon completing the assigned reading for this unit, please read the following primary sources and watch the documentary below.  Then write a 500-word essay in MLA format that addresses the following questions:  Examine Woodrow Wilson’s claim that the US entered World War I “to make the world safe for democracy” by juxtaposing it with the experiences of African American soldiers during the war. What was the debate within the African American community regarding participation in World War I?  How did Wells and DuBois view the issue? Did fighting for democracy abroad improve civil rights on the home front? How would you describe the 369th regiment’s contributions to World War I? What did the Harlem Hellfighters encounter while in Europe and what might Wells and Dubois have said about the experiences discussed in the documentary? Be sure to support your claims with evidence from the documentary and primary sources.  Documentary: The Harlem Hellfighters Great War Letter from Ida B. Wells-Barnett to President Woodrow Wilson (1918) Transcribed version of the Ida B. Wells-Barnett letter W.E.B. DuBois on Black Soldiers Returning from War (1919)