Wegener’s Disease Paper


The topic of the research paper will be any disease or condition of the body.  The paper must include a thorough description of the disease/condition; current statistics of those affected; explanations on how the various body systems are affected; and any medications/treatments that are available, if any.  I would suggest you use the outline of: Normal Anatomy and Physiology of the Organ system(1-3 pages), Pathology leading to the disease/condition (1-3 pages), Treatment Options, to include at least one in-depth look at a lifestyle change, drug or procedure that can be utilized to fix the pathology, (find a research study or case study that demonstrates the effectiveness of this treatment) (1-3 Pages). A research paper should be 5-7 pages at a minimum not including the title page, abstract and reference page. I really want to see you go into some details on how things should normally work, how things are not working correctly leading to symptoms and then how to fix or possibly bring the anatomy and physiology back towards normal.

Your paper should be written in the THIRD PERSON taking the individual out of the writing and avoiding pronouns such as I, we, my, our (first person) and you, yours, your, us, we (second person). You should deal with facts and not opinions, thus providing citations within your paper and on your reference page. Focus on the subject itself and not on your feelings about the subject. The use of third person retains a formal tone in your writing. The use of first and second person can make a document seem more casual.

5 pages

APA 7 References