Week 8 Psychology Tutorial Questions and Answers


  1. Explain the A-B-C model of emotional reactions developed by Albert Ellis. (3 marks)
  2. Valerie is doing homework for her statistics class. When she checks the answer she has just calculated for the problem she has been working on, she finds it is incorrect. She is frustrated, and tells her roommate: “I don’t know why I’m even trying, I’ll never catch on this course. I should just give up now.” According to Albert Ellis, Valerie’s statements reflect (1 mark)
    1. Defensive coping
    2. Mental disengagement
    3. Catastrophic thinking
    4. Reality-based coping
  3. Which of the following statements best represents the approach of a cognitive therapist in treating a chronically anxious client? (1 mark)
    1. “So, you feel that your world is a very scary place to be.”
    2. “Let’s look for ways in which you might actually be benefiting from your anxiety.”
    3. “Let’s see if we can identify the irrational thoughts that are producing your anxiety.”
    4. “Do you feel that your mother adequately met your need for emotional support when you were a child?”