Week 6 Psychology Tutorial Questions and Answers


  1. In your own words describe the naturalistic observation research technique (½ mark)
  2. Provide an example of the naturalistic observation research technique (½ mark)
  3. Describe two advantages of naturalistic observation (1 mark)
  4. Describe two disadvantages of naturalistic observation (1 mark)
  5. The following four questions refer to the behavioural coding activity completed in today’s class, where you were asked to time stamp different behaviours every 30 seconds. In Table 7 of today’s class you were asked to calculate the total frequency of behaviours for each person across the six time stamps. You will need to look at Table 7 when answering the following four questions:
    1. How many times was Monica preparing food? (½ mark)
    2. How many times was Rachel talking? (½ mark)
    3. How many times was Chandler sitting? (½ mark)
    4. How many times was Joey standing? (½ mark)