The high cost of education


Module 4 – SLP PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (The high cost of education)

The SLP is one long project (8-12 pages). However, you will write your paper during Modules 1-5 and you will submit each module as separate files for review and feedback. Note that the final grade on the SLP will be based on the modular components and on the final project report.

Before beginning the component of your SLP in this module, review the Session Long Project Overview below.

SLP Overview

Purpose of SLP: The purpose of this Session Long Project is to complete a thesis, which is a proposition that is maintained by argument or explanations based on the importance, value, or relevance of the program content under consideration.

Note: Your SLP topic must be directly related to your concentration of study in the MA Ed. Program.

SLP Assignment Expectations

The following is a general overview of how you will be submitting your SLP work. You can see that the SLP is a progression of sections that build upon each other until the final module.

Your final product for the Session Long Project thesis will contain the following sections:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Main Discussion (organized with headings and subheadings)
  • Conclusions
  • Premise (supporting conclusions)
  • Bibliography

By the end of Module 4: Submit your conclusions

Discuss your conclusions. Also provide the premise which supports the conclusion(s) of your thesis. Develop the proposition as to which pieces are best considered in your analysis or argument. Identify the ideas that best support your opinions and make the greatest contribution to understanding the development of your discussion. Be sure to keep in mind the initial research question(s) posed in Module 1’s SLP assignment.

Finally, once your conclusions are presented, develop a hypothesis (or a research question) for future consideration. This new research question must be based on your presented conclusions.

Submit 1-2 pages in length for Module 4 SLP assignment.