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Teaching Experience
For this assignment, I was not able to go to an actual school to teach the lesson but I taught my lesson at the sunday school that I volunteer every sunday. I go to a korean church called “Sarang Community Church” located in Anaheim. The classroom consisted of pre-k to kindergarten students and there were approximately 7-8 students. My attire was a bit formal because I was dressed up for church. The sermon was on moses so I prepared an art activity that was related to the story of moses.
As I prepared my lesson, I was a bit nervous because it has been a while since I’ve talked in front a group of people. Looking back at my teaching experience I remember myself always nervous and felt uncomfortable speaking in front of people.  However, there was a point that had changed me. During the past summer, I had the chance to work at a korean preschool as a pre-k teacher for three months. In the past, the only opportunity to teach was for assignments that required teaching our lesson in my education classes. The first week as a teacher it was very tiring and stressful because I was always nervous of teaching. However, as the days past and since I got to know more about the students I noticed myself feeling more comfortable knowing how to control the students.

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