Stereotypes Of African Americans, Latinos, And Asians


Article Review: User-Generated Racism: An Analysis Of Stereotypes Of African Americans, Latinos, And Asians In Youtube Videos
The introduction should include an attention-gether to gain the interest of the reader and introduce the thesis and preview of main points of the paper. The thesis does not need to be persuasive. Rather, it should preview the structure of your paper.
The conclusion will also be short and should include your thesis and a review of your main points. You should briefly provide closure to the paper. You might use this section to recommend or not recommend reading the article.

Translate the meaning of your article for a different audience, once that is perhaps not as well-versed in the area but who still wants access to this information. While you should summarize the article for your readers, please do not feel as though you need to excerpt the entire article all over again in your essay. This section should be about two pages long. Consider the following questions to answer in the summary of your article:
What was the article about?
How does the researcher conduct the research? Interviews? Personal reflection with theory? Observation? Content analysis?
Does the author indicate what other research or occasion led to this article?
Besides academics, who would be a good audience for this article? Who should read this article?

Now that you have offered your reader an overview of the article, you should then begin to explore:
the article’s potential usefulness to that reader, and the author’s assumptions, limitations, and misconceptions as they are relevant to that reader.
Be sure that you write in a style that is appropriate for your chosen audience, while still engaging their attention and sharing the author’s (or authors’) insights.

INTRODUCTION’S ATTENTION-GETTING MATERIAL: Introduction contains vivid language and an engaging, descriptive opening that makes the reader want to know more about the topic.
INTRODUCTION’S THESIS STATEMENT & PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: After the attention-gathering material, the introduction should conclude with a specific thesis statement and preview of the main points. Move from the general nature of the introduction to the very specific nature of your paper. NOTE: the thesis statement does not necessarily need to be an argument, it can be.
ORGANIZATION: Successful organization of paragraphs, including transitions between paragraphs and informative topic sentences that tell me what material will be in the paragraphs.
EXPLANATION/SUMMARY OF ARTICLE: Do you provide the audience with at least two pages of elaboration as to the content and findings of your chosen article? Do you provide the audience with summaries or paraphrasing of the article instead of just using quotations? Is the reader left with a complete understanding of the article’s overall contents?
ELABORATION ON ARTICLE’S POTENTIAL USEFULNESS: Do you indicate and elaborate on the possible benefits and areas of usefulness of the article?
CONCLUSION’S THESIS STATEMENT & REVIEW OF POINTS: Does your paper end as it began, with a restatement of the point of your paper and the main items you covered to prove your point?
CONCLUSION’S CLOSURE: Do you end concisely and in a way that provides obvious closure to the paper?

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