Riyadh City EMS System in Comparison to HPEMS Model


1.Demographics of system:
b.Square miles in service area
c.Population density
d.Economic indicators from census data

2.Structural Attributes of EMS System compared to HPEMS model:
a.Geographic Scope
b.Standards setting and enforcement
c.Division of functions
d.Production Strategies
e.Market Allocation
f.Consequences of chronic failure to perform
g.Business structure
h.Management level

Riyadh City EMS System.
compare it with the HPEMS Model.

a.Prevention and early recognition
b.Bystander action and system access
c.911 Call taking
d.First response dispatch and services
e.EMS telephone inquiry and pre-arrival care
f.Ambulance services
g.Receiving facility interface
h.Medical oversight

2.Hallmarks of HPEMS:
a.Is there accountability for results
b.Is there independent oversight
c.Accounting of service costs
d.System features that ensure economic efficiency
e.System features that ensure long term high performance

3.Performance Measures:

a.Clinical Level
b.Response time standard
c.Cost per transport
d.Cost per unit hour
f.System cost per capita
g.Subsidy per capita

a.Summative evaluation of system
b.Recommendations for change