Qn research and designs


Week 2 Discussion Topic – Quantitative Research

ASSIGNMENT:  Chapter 6 & 7 discuss the types of Quantitative(Qn) research and designs. This assignment is designed to assess your knowledge of Qn research and your ability to discuss Qn research with your classmates.  

This assignment requires your understanding of Qn research designs. This assignment demonstrates progressive knowledge and builds of the previous weeks readings. 

Initial Post:


1) Type your essay in APA format using MS Word or a MS Word compatible document.  Your essay should be no less than 1 page and no more than 3 pages in length.

The essay includes:

(a) title page with running head, (b) page numbers, (b) introduction (c) headings

(d) in text citations, (e) a reference page, (f) a conclusion (conclusions do not add new information but a summary the paper and results). Refer to the APA Information book under the Start Here tab for the YouTube recording on formatting a paper in APA for you computer operating system, Mac or PC.

Do not use quotations in this discussion essay. Paraphrase your sources.


After reading the chapters for this week, and read the Critical Thinking Exercise 7-2 on page 191.

Write your essay for this week answering the question in the exercise 7-2. Research at least 2 scholarly journal articles to support your design selection. Articles are to be within 5 years.

Your essay will cover:

  1. a) Identify the problem under research.
  2. b) States the purpose and research question.
  3. c) Identifies the hypothesis(es)
  4. d) Identify the variables in this research.
  5. e) Identify the concepts related to the research question.
  6. f) Identify the research design best suited for this topic.
  7. g) Discuss the design and why it would be the best.