Practice Domain assignment – Stacy, an autistic 10-year old Case


Pediatrics – Practice Domain assignment

Description of Assignment

Students will become more familiar with the domains from the OT Practice Framework by selecting one item from each domain and, using their own words, describing each item chosen and giving examples. Students will base their description of the items and examples on the case study assigned to them (see below).
Students will list three professional organizations, community agencies or associations that the parents of children, adults or older adults could call for information or resources; students will provide a brief description of each resource.
Students will conclude their paper with a written script for the 30 second elevator speech, defining / describing what occupational therapy is.
This paper should be two pages.

Section 1
Each student will be assigned a developmental age group on which to base his or her paper (i.e., pediatrics, adults, geriatrics).  Please use whichever one of the following case studies fits with the developmental age group assigned to you.
Stacy, an autistic 10-year old, is having difficulty focusing in class.  Because of this, she is acting out and throwing tantrums.  The teacher is having difficulty keeping Stacy focused and staying calm.
1. Read the case that corresponds to the developmental age group assigned to you.
2. Relate the case to the domains of the OT Practice Framework.
The five domains of OT practice include the areas of occupation, client factors, performance
skills, performance patterns, context and environment. Select one item under each of the six  domains. Use your own words to describe each item and give examples.
e.g., If Performance Patterns – Roles were selected the student would write: If I was to determine what client roles were impacted by his or her disability, I would describe the client’s roles as spouse, parent, son or daughter, worker, student, grandparent, etc.

Section 2
List three organizations or community agencies that the client (or parents or caregivers) might find useful. Briefly describe the purpose of each of the three resources you provide. Organizations that require membership are unacceptable for this assignment (e.g., American OT Association). Please use entities accessible to the general public.

Section 3
Throughout your career, you will answer the following question hundreds of times — “What is occupational therapy?” This part of the assignment is meant to give you a start on coming up with a definition or description of the profession of occupational therapy to help answer that question. Imagine that friends or relatives ask you about occupational therapy; what will you tell them?
End your paper with a written script of a ‘30 second elevator speech’ that defines and/or describes the profession of occupational therapy. This is often called an ‘elevator speech’ because it must be succinct enough that you could start talking when getting on the elevator with the CEO of your hospital on the first floor and finish your explanation of occupational therapy when the elevator door opens at the third floor!