Political, Economic, and Environmental Situations Prediction

by feve-tutors


MAKE 3 PREDICTIONS… about situations or events you believe will have significant world regional or global effects during the next 5 to 10 years using what you have learned during the course this semester. Each of your predictions should be significant for 1 or more of the world regions we’ve discussed — or important for Planet Earth as a whole. In other words, your predictions are about things that matter for multiple countries in terms of their results or consequences.

One prediction must be environmental in nature. Events or situations could, for example, be related to: global warming, greenhouse gas emssions, desertification, salinization, biodiversity, or air, water, or soil pollution.

One prediction must be political in nature. Events or situations could, for example, be related to: increased or decreased tensions between countries (war, conflict resolution, boundary disputes, militarization or demilitarization) or between religious, ethnic, or other groups (intra-faith conflicts, religious fundamentalism, regional or global terrorism, internal political conflicts with regional spillover effects, nationalism, et cetera).

One prediction must be economic or social in nature. Events or situations could, for example, be related to: population and demographic change, urbanization or urban ways of life, cultural changes, conflicts between tradition and external influences, organized crime and illegal economic activities, globalization of language and culture, the economic rise or decline of regions, et cetera.

Please be advised: (1) Your 3 predictions must have different focal regions. In other words, although Southeast Asia might be your favorite region of all, only 1 of your predictions can be focused on it — the other 2 must be primarily linked to different world regions or to the planet as a whole

Assignment Outline

– Create a title that hints at your predictions or point of view

– Develop an introductory paragraph that provides the reader an overview of what you’ll be discussing

– Write 3 paragraphs, 1 for each of your predictions. For each prediction: (i) provide a background description of the current state of affairs; (ii) explain what you expect to develop or occur within the 5 to 10 years and why; and (iii) describe the consequences you anticipate in terms of how world regions and/or people will be affected (positive and adverse effects).

– Conclude by discussing whether you feel optimistic, pessimist, or somewhere in between about the near future, based on your predictions.

Please choose 3 different countries from 3 different regions