Policy paper: Medicare


 Policy paper:

Establish the context, including definition of the problem and specific objectives.

This section should include identification of the problem, the background of the problem including the social, economic, ethical, legal, and political factors; stakeholders or parties who have a stake in the outcome of the policy debate; and the issue statement (usually phrased as a question).

Also include in this section the policy objectives.

Identify an alternative for resolving the issue.

This can be phrased like the sample paper in the book: the do-nothing option, the incremental change option and the major change option. (But only pick two!)

If the policy has been implemented, you can simply describe what was done and what type of an option you think it is. Then, write two of the other three alternative options for resolving the issue.

Project consequences for the identified alternatives. In other words, what are the consequences of the options you chose as the alternatives.

Recommend the optimal solution.

Title: An Act providing for violence prevention committees in health care facilities, for their powers and duties, for remedies and for the powers and duties of the Department of Labor and Industry. (Healthcare Facilities Violence Prevention Act)

Factors for Consideration. In this section list any social, economic, legal, ethical and political factors that should be considered or may be impacted by this problem and its potential resolution

Should be double spaced with 1” margins; use 12 point Times New Roman

Reference page should follow APA format.

 You should just write 3 pages about factors that affect health care providers when they expose to violence acts.