Patient Case Questions

  • 1: For which condition is this patient likely taking nifedipine?
  • 2: For which condition is this patient likely taking lisinopril?
  • 3: For which Condition is this patient likely taking paroxetine?
  • 4: What is meant by “tenting of the skin” and what does this clinical sign suggest?
  • 5: Are the negative Grey Turner and Cullen signs evidence of a good or poor prognosis?
  • 6: Identify THREE major risk factors for acute pancreatitis in this patient.
  • 7: Identify TWO abnormal laboratory tests that suggest that acute renal failure has developed in this patient.
  • 8: Why are hemoglobin and hematocrit abnormal?
  • 9: How many Ranson criteria does this patient have and what is the probability that the patient will die from this attack of acute pancreatitis?
  • 10: Does the patient have a significant electrolyte imbalance?
  • 11: Why was no blood drawn for an ABG determination?