NIcotine patches vs chantix the pill


Topic choosen is NIcotine patches vs chantix the pill, which one is better for smoking cessation. please use the appropriate quantitative tools to measure. You can do a comparison study with 2 groups. let me know if have any questions. We dont have to do the study just formulate how we will do it. Please hit all of the following points please.

Select a researchable topic appropriate to nurse practitioner practice.  The research paper will be developed from a quantitative research method perspective.  Write a brief (no more than 5 page) research paper using the tenets of the selected method.  Paper is to follow APA and include the following:


This section answers the “why?” question, emphasizes the importance of the research question, and gives an overview of the key concepts.
Include a statement of the problem.
Include a purpose of the research.
Include the research question and, if appropriate, research hypothesis.
Identify independent and dependent variables.
Identify extraneous variables.
Include conceptual definitions.
Include operational definitions.
Include the significance of the study (ensure that you support your     selection of     this research question to the population for study and SPECIFICALLY to adult     NP practice).

Include a brief description of the theoretical or conceptual framework that forms the foundation for the research.  Be sure it is a theoretical perspective that is appropriate to the study under investigation.  Be sure it is well referenced.

Include a brief literature review of related research studies (at least 3 current references). Include examples of how you will search the literature.

Design: Identify the design and rationale for selecting the design.  Why is it the most appropriate for this study?
Sample: who will be the subjects, how and from what setting will they be recruited? Identify sampling technique.
Instrumentation: describe the instruments that will be used to collect the data and provide relevant reliability and validity information from the literature.
Setting: Where will the study be conducted (e.g. large urban public university teaching hospital)?
Procedure: indicate the procedure(s) that will be used to collect the data.
Ethical Considerations: Include Human Subjects review and consent information.