Lesson Plan Detail Document


EDUC 6565_S16: Lesson Plan Detail Document

Title of Lesson Plan: Extreme Sports

Paper Contents

  • Classroom Description (50w minimum):
  • Situating this Lesson Plan (50w minimum):
  • Content Standard(s) addressed in this lesson only
  • Language Objective(s) for this lesson only
  • Standards/Objectives/Assessment Rationale (75w minimum)
  • Mode(s) of Language Activated in this Lesson Plan
  • Focus Language Items
  • Basic Materials Needed for this Lesson Plan
  • Lesson Activities: Plans for differentiation during lesson activities
  • Lesson Activities: Plans for formative assessment during the body of the lesson
  • Lesson Activities: Rationale (50w minimum)
  • Closure: Rationale (50w minimum)
  • Activity Material: REQUIRED