Impact ACO will have on reducing health care costs



  1. As managed care has evolved, new delivery systems have been established. One such delivery system is the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) . Describe the ACO its beginnings, overall  objectives, its structure and key features. Managed care companies are partnering with providers to establish ACO’s. Discuss the positive or negative impact the ACO will have on reducing health care costs while producing quality outcomes.
  1. HMO’s improve health care. HMO’s do not improve health care. The debate goes on. Discuss the tools and features HMO’s use to improve health care—give examples–   Take a position on this issue and explain your view.
  2. The Consumer Directed Health Plan especially the Health Savings Account (HSA) product is gaining popularity among purchasers of health care and managed care companies. Describe  the HSA its origins, structure and key features. What are the advantages or disadvantages of the HSA. Take a position on this issue and explain your view.

Required Text

Kongstvedt, Peter R. Managed Care: What It Is and How It Works. Jones and Bartlett Publications, Third Edition 2009 ISBN-13:978-0-7637-5911-7

Final Paper

Select topic from the list below and prepare a well thought out. Please edit your paper carefully and be sure to add appropriate data and research materials that help to explain your position.

Write and edit your paper for good organization, clear language with good spelling and punctuation. Have someone read and provide you some feedback before submitting your final paper. This is the kind of assignment that you may have in your career and graduate work. Also take full advantage of the library resources here on campus. Most good papers are built around questions. Read each topic and simply take some part of the text that interest you and examine it carefully.

Total paper length : 6 pagespage 1 is the title page ; 2-4 is the content typed & double-spaced & page 6 is the bibliography. Please download the sample paper format for additional instructions and paper presentation format..

Reminder: You must write the entire paper in your own words. To copy any text from any source and use it in your paper without making proper bibliographic reference is plagiarism. Remember Introduction, conclusion, references, also check the PDF paper that is an example.


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