Homeless men and health care services


Survey and Interview question – Homeless men and health care services

You have two options for this assignment. You may chose to either design a survey based on the topic provided here, OR if your individual topic is suitable for a survey, then you may design a survey based on your topic.

The optional topic is:

The topic is homeless men and health care services. More specifically, you are trying to gather information on how they access health care services; the barriers to accessing health care services; and the quality of the services they receive. For this assignment, please prepare and submit:

Five questions and a response scale for each that would be administered as a survey to a homeless man. (You can use the resources provided in the survey module) AND
Five open-ended interview questions. These would be administered during an interview or discussion with a homeless man. Remember that these should not be framed as “yes” or “no” questions. If you do not know how to do this, please revisit last week’s learning modules, as well as chapters 7 and 8 of your text.
If you choose to use your own topic, make a CLEAR statement indicating who the population is that the survey and interview will be administered to.