Highly influential member of the community with Syphilis


This week you discovered that test results for a highly recognizable/highly influential member of the community came back positive for Syphilis.  Our Lab Technician as well as the Physician of record decided not to do anything or say anything in an attempt to protect the patient.   Are there mandatory reporting requirements that we have?

Are we required to report to the CDC (Center for Disease Control)?   Are we required to report to the Florida Department of Health?  If so, what is the administrative law that governs this?  Do I need to be aware of any other laws?  Please tell me about any forms that should have been filled out.  Which of our employees was responsible for the state reporting piece? What rights does the patient have in this process?

Both the lab tech and physician are top performers for us.  What HR action (if any) will you take regarding the way they handled this situation?

A one to two page information/summary document in appropriate paragraph format, using Microsoft Word (1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman 12) will be sufficient for this scenario. Do not restate the issue here, I just need to know what information is required for situations like this. Please list your references.