Herbert Hoover’s 1932 Vs DR’s 1937 second inaugural speech


After completing the assigned reading for this unit, read Herbert Hoover’s 1932 speech attacking the New Deal and then read to FDR’s 1937 second inaugural speech in which he campaigned on behalf of his New Deal policies. Then write a 500-word MLA style essay that responds to the following questions: What does Hoover criticize about the New Deal and what alternative plan does he offer? How does Roosevelt answer these criticisms? How would you describe their views on the role of government in the economy? Contextualize these speeches using your Foner textbook. How did the response of Hoover’s government to the Depression compare to that of FDR’s? How did the New Deal change the role of the government in the country’s economy and society? Which Americans benefited least from the New Deal and how does that detract from its overall impact? With all that in mind, which President made the more persuasive speech?  Unit 3 Assignment 1 – Herbert Hoover on the New Deal.pdf  Unit 3 Assignment 1 – FDR Second Inaugural Address .pdf  Guidelines  Essay assignments should conform to MLA format and cite the associated reading/resource.  Use a 12-point font. Use double spacing, so there is room for me to write comments. Include your last name in the filename (example: Unit-1 AS1 Smith.)  It should be a Word (.doc or .docx) format file.