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Organizational Performance Management Table and Paper

Each Learning Team member must select a different type of health care organization to study for the purpose of this group assignment. You are encouraged to select a different type of organization from the one chosen in the Weeks Two and Three assignments. Note that you do not need to select a specific company. Group members compare their chosen organizations to complete the table and paper.

Options include, but are not limited to, the following: hospital, nursing facility, physician office, emergency medical services, managed care organization, home health care, community health department or provider, pharmacy, laboratory, drug manufacturer, medical device manufacturer, durable medical equipment supplier, and electronic medical records software supplier.

Resource: Organizational Performance Management Table and Paper Grading Criteria

Conduct a group discussion in your Learning Team forum. Address the following points:

  • Summarize the type of health care organization you selected.
  • Compare the main regulatory and accreditation standards that apply to each type of organization and identify standards that apply broadly to most or all types of health care organizations.
  • Discuss the influence of regulatory and accreditation standards on performance-management systems.
  • Discuss how the performance-management systems affect risk management and quality management in each type of organization.
  • Identify key areas in the organization that will have direct responsibility for carrying out the day-to-day responsibilities associated with the regulations or standards.
  • Identify other areas in the organization that will be indirectly affected by the regulations or standards.
  • Outline what oversight activities you could put in place to ensure that the regulatory and accreditation requirements are being implemented and are achieving the desired results.

Collaborate to complete the University of Phoenix Material: Organizational Performance Management Table located on the student website.

Collaborate to write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you address the following points:

  • Address the similarities and differences among the types of organizations.
  • Propose how each organization will monitor performance, achieve regulatory and accreditation compliance, and improve overall organizational performance.
  • Describe ways each organization will communicate with leadership to ensure alignment of organizational goals and gain buy-in from staff to achieve compliance with the standards and requirements issued by regulatory and accreditation bodies.
  • Determine how compliance with the regulations and development of risk-management and quality-management systems for each type of organization contribute to the organization’s overall performance-management system.

Include at least four sources, three from the University Library and one from either the course textbooks or this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Prepare a list of all resources used in your research.

Format the paper and reference list consistent with APA guidelines. Include the Organizational Performance Management Table as an appendix to the paper.

HCS 451 Week 4 Organizational Performance Management Table and Paper

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