hat are the criteria (or standards) for a “good” website about ADD or ADHD


4 DQ 1& 2

Continuation of previous exercises on CDC website:

In 100 to 200 words each


During Modules 4 and 5, you will complete a review of a website about ADD or ADHD. Thus, you’ll need to start this discussion with the following: What are the criteria (or standards) for a “good” website about ADD or ADHD? Early in your invention process, it is a great idea to list, define, and elaborate on as many criteria as you can. How would you define each criterion? Why is each one important? After you have listed criteria, come back later and respond to your classmates’ posts: Which criteria are the most important? The least important? Why do you think so?


After completing a Rhetorical analysis for the ADHD webpage, do you feel well versed on this topic? As you look for a website about ADD or ADHD to review for your next essay, think about what criteria or standards you might use to evaluate this website. What would make a good website about ADD or ADHD?


What website have you chosen for your review? Include a link in your message so that the other students can see your chosen site. How well does the website you have chosen live up to the criteria you chose earlier this week? Does it meet some criteria better than others? Explain your reasoning about how well your item matches each criterion you listed. During the week, look at your classmates’ websites and see if you agree with their assessment.


Read over the “Planning” section of Chapter 11 in the textbook. There, you will find advice for describing and evaluating your chosen website. Post a message in which you describe your Web site (at least one paragraph), and then offer some analysis (at least one more paragraph), as described in our textbook. During the week, respond to others’ description and evaluation paragraphs and explain what you think they did well. Also offer some advice for revision. You may also offer counterarguments by explaining how someone might disagree with their view.